Why do we exist?

We believe in VR and AR and evangelize it every change we get!

Hi! I’m Marcelo Lewin, the founder and creator of HowToCreateVR.com.  I remember the day I put on my first HMD (an Oculus Rift) and how it affected me emotionally. I literally could not stop thinking about VR and how we will use it in the future to interact with all our devices.

VR / AR will dramatically change how we work and live in the next 10 years. I have two goals for HowToCreateVR.com. The first one is to spread the word and help the VR / AR industry grow and expand into the enterprise market.  The second goal is help creators discover new apps and technologies, learn how to use them to create immersive experiences, and then help you get started in creating them by connecting you with professionals that can help you get started quickly!

Join me (and my site) in this awesome journey which, I believe, will change the computing world!

Because we are awesome!

All kidding aside, we want to make sure all creators learn how to create VR and AR experiences. Why?  Because the more creators build content, the more consumers and companies of all sizes will want to start using VR and AR.  Most of our content will always remain free. In the future, not sure yet when, we may charge for premium content, but we’ll always keep a basic set of content free.

Oh!  So you have been a long time visitor of HowToCreateVR.com!  The original site was mainly about Marcelo Lewin and what he was doing with VR and AR.

Want to check it out? We still have it here.

Got questions? Want to partner with us? Want to present on a tutorial? Want to be on our podcast? Have a great VR experience we should check out?

Doesn’t matter the reason, just or via phone at 626-502-7365.

You can browse through all of our content without ever registering and logging in.  However, if you do register (for free), you get the chance to favorite tutorials and podcasts, add them to your watch list, comment, rate and even download assets to practice along with our presenters!

So go ahead and register.  It’s free and easy!